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    Please Critique/Comment on My Routine...

    Hi all, im really starting to like lifting weights again, haven't been able to for the past few months due to hip and knee injuries, but know i feel i am in good condition physically and am ready to up the weights again. I am still cutting at the minute as i have some fat to lose, mainly on my chest and some on my abs.

    Here is my routine, could you please give advise as theres hundreds of more knowledgable people on here than me in this particular aspect of training.

    Workout 1 - *For every exercise, 3 Sets, 8 Reps *

    Bar Bell Squats
    Standing Dumb Bell Shoulder Press
    Bent-Over Rows
    Bar Bell Biceo Curls
    Lying Tricep Extensions
    Weighted Crunches

    Workout 2 -

    Stiff-legged Deadlift
    Bar Bell Calf Raises
    Bar Bell Bench Press
    Tricep Extension, above head, seated.
    Dumb Bell Curls
    Dumbell Lunges

    I work out 3 times per week, Workout 1, 2, 1, then the next week, Workout 2, 1, 2, and then so forth.

    Please bear in mind that i don't have access to a gym, therefore all i have is my dumbells and barbells, and a weights bench, with incline and fly attachments, therefore things like dips, pullups, etc... cannot be done.

    Thanks for the help that i will recieve, in advance.


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    why is everything "3 sets of 8". you need some variety, mix up the sets/reps. Core lifts like squat I would do higher sets lower reps, auxililary lifts I would do lower sets higher reps 8-15rep range.

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    Well even without a gym its good to see you doing somethin and making the best of it. I just question the number of excercises you are doing for each muscle. Like for example you are just doing barbell press for chest at three sets. So one week you get three sets of chest in and the next you get 6. Even at 6 it doesnt seem like enough. I would even just throw pushups in or something.


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    Thanks for the advice guys.

    I have actually been doing some research for the past few days and i may actually follow a pre-made routine and go for the Homegrown Muscle programme, which seems to be quite popular, anyone have any views on this? ? ?

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