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Thread: On cycle

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    On cycle

    while ona cycle is going 4 days enough as long as the workouts are intense?
    or even on the days off doing maybe abs or forearms? or should a day off be a DAY OFF???

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    3 days...4 days... are effective...Quality beats Quantity whether you're on cycle or off.

    Off days...are meant to be just days.

    Though some benefit from active rest...i.e. swimming or cardio...that depends on your goals.

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    When training while "on", you can recover much faster from your workouts. In the short-term you will make incredible gains. You could incorporate more workouts while "on" but the problem is when you are "off". When "off" you will not be able to recover as quickly and will have to cut down on the frequency of your workouts. Thus, I believe it will be much harder to retain your gains. If you stay at your current frequency, you will still improve but, in my opinion, you will have a much better chance of retaining your gains.

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