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    Abs advice and theories

    Anyone have any ab exercises or tips that can help chisle the vertical and horizontal seperations in the abdorminals....I feel the outer part of my abs are more defined than the middle part where it seperated into two hemispheres. Maybe im not using the right combination of heavy weight with high reps in my ab workout.

    I usually do some decline sit ups, mix it up with weighted decline crunches, then remove wieght and burn out with higher reps on the decline.....Usually do 2-3 sets then ill do some leg lifts and some modified twist crunches on the floor to get my abs burning.

    There is also a lot of theory about working out the obliques, some think it gives your mid section a wide fatter look and takes away from the V shape from the lats...what are you opinions on that?

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    Hanging leg raises on the pull up station...V-crunches on a flat bench.

    Both of those really make the abs pop and strengthen all of the rectus abdominus.

    Throw them in to your routine every few days and you should start seeing some great results.

    When I started doing hanging raises 2 years ago I could only do 3 sets of 5 or 6...Now I do 4 sets of 15 as my first exercise and then switch it up every other workout with weighted crunches.

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