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    Once a week, each BP= Growth?

    You think working out each bodypart once a week on a 5 day split is enough to stimulate maximum growth, considering you are eating properly, resting enough and have proper technique? Split is like this;

    tue-back or legs
    wed-legs or back/abs

    I do no more than 12 sets per bodypart/arms-10 sets
    about 5-10 reps per exercise

    I just wanted to know if you guys think this sounds like a solid program or any thought on it really.

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    I'm no expert, but from the research I've done about my bodytype(uber ectomorph) it's best to work each body part per week like you said.. except you should work the split into going like 3-4 days a week instead of everyday. Having a day of rest in between in between workouts is important for recovery(growth) for hard-gainers I'm told.

    Good luck!

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    Intresting...bump for this thread. I think once a week isn't such a bad idea, it seems very tough to over-train at that point.

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    After I graduated from college, I ran a 5 day split very similar to this and was very happy with the results it produced. The reason that I avoided the weekends, for workouts, was because that I hated the overcrowded gym with weekend warriors. The wannabes got on my nerves. It's not the perfect split but for those that want weekends off, it works well.

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