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    Reverse Preacher Curl or just Preacher Curl

    Hey i'm switching my routine up a bit, and lately i've read alot of posts about guys wanting to add size to their arms particularly their biceps. I noticed alot of people answering their questions by saying they do reverse preacher curls as one of their excercises. But i always thought reverse was hitting your forearms as the primary muscle, and bicep second, so why would reverse be better then normal preacher when it comes to biceps?

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    who said its better???
    i suggest u switch it up but it isnt better then the proper preacher curls....
    do it something like this...
    incline dumbells
    barbell curls
    reverse preacher and with some hammer dumbell curls/ then switch it up by just doing normal preachers with dumbell hammer.....

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    Supinated-grip preacher curls are a superior choice for the biceps brachii.

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    yeah right
    regular preacher curls are better if you don't want arthritis

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