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    Gettin those sick wings

    i've always done pulldowns w/ various grips...underhand, wide, plams in, and so on. until lately i started taking a real long bar and strecthing out farther than i have in the past and have started seeing an improvement (unfortunately i cant do as much weight but go more on form). if i want those wings should i concentrate on a wider grip and throw in the other grips every once in a while? and yes i do rows and all that good stuff too.

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    i think good ol' fashioned wide-grip pull-ups and db rows will increase your lat size the best.

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    wide grip=wide back

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    I really noticed that my lats started to widen as my grip did. The arms are more heavily involved with the closer grips. That allows you to use more resistance. The wider grip forces your lats to do more of the work. To answer your question, yes; I would use the closer grip widths as supplemental exercises.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Squatman51
    wide grip=wide back
    Couldnt have said it better.

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    Try doing some wide grip weighted pullups. Just put hook a wrist-roller apparatus with weights onto a weight belt and pull away.

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