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    Please help...when should i train?!

    hey guys,

    il explain my dilemma now. when i work out 4 times a week, doing each body part once a week, i never seem to feel like iv worked the muscle hard enough. by the time i get to work that muscle again one week later, it just feels like i havnt worked it in a long long time! longer than a week anyway!

    at the min iv reverted to working out 4 times per week, doing each body part twice a week. however, this means that i have to work legs on the same day i do chest or back (i work quads with chest day workout and hams on back day workout.) but now the problem is that when i do the workouts, im always way too tired at the end to do legs or whatever is left.

    does anyone have any suggestions as to what i can do? one workout per bodypart a week doesnt seem enough, but two workouts per bodypart gets me too tired come the last few exercises.

    please help, if you want any more info just ask

    thanks guys

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    If a week isnt a big enuff break but 2x/week is too mcuh than dont base ur schedule around a "week." Work out two days in a row and than one off two in a row and one off. This sound like the only solution I can think of. So workout Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri, Sun, Mon, Wed, Thurs etc.
    So ur workout isnt based around a certain 7 days. Try and see how that works.


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