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    Hi guys, could use some critique!

    Just found this forum, seems like a lot of people know their shit. I've always had problems gaining weight (fast metabolism, or so I thought). I just found out a few months ago I found out im Celiac (cant eat gluten (wheat)).

    So anyway two years ago I was 151 pounds 5'10. I met this guy who wanted to start lifting again and needed a partner so we hooked up and started lifting. I hit the gym real hard for 9 months 4 days a week 1.5-2 hours per session. I saw a 1 pound gain over 9 months so I got discouraged and gave up. Little did I know about the key to lifting weight and getting gains (nutrition). Now I've been doing some research into this and I decided since my small intestine has healed and can properly absorb nutrients, its time to try the gym again, this time with a little more knowledge.

    I started lifting again about a 3 weeks ago, I've been following a very different diet than I have ever done before. I eat probably 1.5-2 pounds of chicken per day, about 10-12 servings of brown rice, 6-8 servings of citrus fruit and two protein shakes, and a pound or so of veggies. I eat about 3-4 solid meals a day and a Muscle milk shake before and after workouts.

    I am told that large muscles bulk up fast and thats my goal, so I've been doing chest/abs, Legs/abs. I alternate them every other day. I add weight to my workouts at the start of every week and I've been doing 5x5's and I've put about 30 pounds on my bench in the last 3 weeks.

    I am trying to gain weight and it has been working, I've gained a ton of weight this summer ( I owe most of this due to my now healed small intestine) and I went from 151-154 this spring to 164 pounds yesterday. I assume I gained a lot of fat with that but I don't really look any fatter (weird).

    I am looking for any advice in diet or routine that will help me bulk up fast. I am very excited right now over the weight I've gained this summer since I've been struggling with this for years now. I know there is a bottomless well of nutrition and lifting knowledge on this forum, and anyone who has been skinny and had problems bulking, give me some tips.

    Goal: 180lbs (low bodyfat) (must maintain an atheltic physique, competeitive skier)
    P.S I am interested in doing this naturally.

    (Edit, Sorry forgot to mention. I remeber back in those 9 months I lifted when I ate like crap (twice a day prolly fastfood) I used to get sore as hell. Now everytime I workout I bust my ass on the muscle I'm working ( I cant even do a pushup after my chest workouts) BUT MY CHEST IS NEVER SORE THE NEXT DAY, NOT ONCE) I did cardio 4-5+ hours a day 4 days a week last winter, and I am in good cardio fitness, does that contribute to resistance to soreness?
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    No response meaning my diet and routine is ok? From what I''ve been reading after searching through all other peoples post's I might be overtraining my chest and legs? Although I am lifting more and more each session?

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