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    Heres the new workout im starting

    Hey, me and my training buddy are going to be starting a new workout for the remained of the summer and for me, throughout the fall untill track sason starts. Im a sprinter/long jumper and im wondering if this is an alright workout. I usually vary the exercises each week. We are working out M,T,Th,F. We chose to do the workout on the days mentioned so that our legs have the weekends to be sore (my buddy works construction and trying to do shit after a nice kickass leg day would suck)

    Im going for a nice workou tto get me strong for the upcoming year and to get me ready to do sprints. I will be doing sprints on a football field occasionally, and we do abs 2 times a week. Any critique will be greatly appreciated. thanks.

    Day 1: Back / Bi's
    Incline Dumbell Hammer: 8,6,6,5
    Reverse Curl: 12,8,6
    Standing Barbell: 12,10,8
    Deadlifts: 10,8,6
    Bent-Over Row: 10,8,6
    Straight Arm Pulldowns: 10,10,10

    Day 2: Shoulders
    Upright Row: 10,8,6
    Rear Lateral Cable: 10,8,6
    Dumbell Press: 8,6,5
    Rear Lateral Raise: 8,6,5

    Day 3: Chest / Tri's
    Cable Crossovers: 8,8,5
    Flat Bench Bar: 10,8,6
    Incline Dumbels: 10,8,6
    Rope Pulldown: 12,12,8,6
    Dips: 8,6,4,3

    Day 4: Legs
    Squats: 10,10,8
    Glute-Ham/Hypers: 10,8,6
    Good Mornings: 8,8,6
    Standing Calf Raise: 20,15,10
    Lunges: 16,12,10

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    I used to train like this but I find it more beneficial to have an arm day. My bis arent tired after back and my tris arent tired after chest

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    I see two problems.

    1. On Back/Bi day, work your back first. If you work your bi's first then they are weakened and you don't have as much strength to work the back.

    2. Do the benchpress and dumbbell press b4 cable crossovers.

    Two rules I like to follow is larger muscles, then smaller (hence back then bis)and multijoint exercises b4 isolation exercises (hance BP b4 cable crossovers). Of course you can change it up a little here and there but as rule that's what I do.


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    Good idea, i actually had a list of exercizes and i was copying and pasting in Excel so the order is a mess. ill fix that up. Thanks

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