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Thread: numb biceps

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    numb biceps

    Hi guys. I hit my biceps once a week, four exercises. 5 sets with 8 reps. Hammer curl, preacher curls, decline dumbbells and standing ezee bar. The thing is that after exercise 3 my biceps are numb and I don’t feel any reaction. Should I consider 3 exercise types per week on my biceps?

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    i would... up the intensity though and probably go for a couple more reps. smaller the muscle=less exercises a bit higher range in reps/ not including legs as they need repetition

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    What I would do is take 1 set off of each exercise and then it will be as if you eliminated an exercise but, in actuality, you didn't. Your resistance should go up in each exercise and you should have a higher quality of movement. This way you can still hit the biceps at a variety of angles (upper arm in relation to the torso) and a variety of grips (supinated and neutral).

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