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    Question pushups equals big lats?

    hey bros, I do a lot of pushups. about 100 every other day on average or 350 a week. this does not seem to impact my workouts as long as I dont hit chest or back on the same day. My question is what mucles are worked most doing the standard pushup? My lats have developed nicely as well as the thickness in my triceps. Does anyone else do consistent pushups and if so what results are you seeing?

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    I just work out harder... no need for pushups... sometimes will incorporate them at the veryvery end of a killer chest or tri workout just to burn out, but other than that, I don't find them that useful that any other more powerful excecise could encompass.

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    Pulling exercises such as pulldowns and any kind of row is going to work your back.

    When you do pushups you are using your pecs, triceps, along with your anterior deltoids.

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    The pushup works the pecs, front deltoids, and the triceps. The abdominals stabilize the torso during performance of the pushup. I use pushups and hindu pushups in my martial arts training. I use them to develop strength-endurance for punching.

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    actually pushups do work the lats, when you shoulders go slightly behind your back when your chest is to the floor, your lats help to initially flex the shoulders but then have little effect unless you really pull backwards with the lats to hit the floor faster than gravity!!

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