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    Please help with workout routine

    I have been lifting seriously for about 5 years but took the last 7months off, however previously i have only done powerlifting and therefore only lifted for strength. Lately i have been thinking about getting back into the gym but i just cant get psyched about powerlifting anymore, so i have decided to give bodybuilding a go.
    Here is where i need help, the following questions all pertain to me being a novice at this so keep that in mind. Currently i would like to start bulking until the spring gets here again.

    How many days a week should i be lifting 4,5,6?
    What types of splits should i use for my workout?
    How many different excersises should i do per body part per day?
    How many sets and reps per excercise?

    Also how much cardio should i do while bulking?

    Any advice is greatly appreciated, oh and if any of you know of any good books with advice on this let me know, thanx

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    here's what i do and it works great for me. i workout my muscles 5 days a week. on the two resting days i go and do cardio and abs. my split is

    day 1: chest and triceps
    day2: back and biceps
    day3: shoulders lats, and legs
    repeat and every 5 days take two off. abs everyday and cardio 3 times a week

    honestly a great book to read is the arnold's encyclopedia to body building.

    oh this is just my routine, but everyone has there preferences.

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    i hope your hitting those legs hard ie.squats!!!

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