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    a typical week for me

    I thought I would post a typical week of my training because a lot of people asked about westside combined with powerlifting/bbing approach. I change my program every week.

    Day 1 Legs

    a) front squat 8 sets of 3 3 minute rest
    b) Olympic Snatch (catching in deep squat pos) 5x5 2 minute rest
    c) Good morning 4x10 2 minute rest
    d) Peterson Set-up 3x15 1 minute rest

    Day 2 Chest

    a) Ultra-wide barbell bench press 10x2 3 minute rest
    b) Pin Lockouts 5/4/3/5/4/3 2 minute rest (second wave is heavier than first)
    c) Incline Dumbbell Fly 3x12 1 minute rest
    d) Ab pulldown 4x15-20

    Day 3 Off

    Day 4 Back

    a) Deadlift Heavy 3 (work-up to heaviest 3 rep max)
    b) Supinated Barbell Row 5x8 2 minute rest
    c) Wide grip chin-up 4x sub max 1 minute rest
    d) Reverse ab curls 4x15

    Day 5 Deltoids

    a) clean and press 7x4 3 minute rest
    b) Barbell Shrug 6/5/4/6/5/4 2 min rest
    c) D-handle cable row-press 4x12-15 1 min rest
    d) Cable side bends (off of lat-pulldown cable) 4x20

    Day 6 Arms

    a) Barbell Curl Heavy 6
    b) Supinated Chin-up 4x8-10
    c) Ez bar cable reverse curl 4x12 4:02 tempo
    d) JM Press Heavy 3
    e) One arm scott press 4x15
    d) Gymnast dips 3x20
    f) Mid pulley twist 4x12-15

    Day 7 Off

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    Could you tell me what a Peterson Set-Up is? Is it a sit-up variation? Also, I've heard of Scott Curls (Preacher) but what is Scott Presses? Is it similar to Arnold Presses? Thanks for your time and knowledge!

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    Peterson set-up is a set-up single leg on a box using weight driving off the leg you are using. One arm scott press is db overhead tricep ext single arm.

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