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    working serratus

    What muscle group day do you work your serratus with pull overs? Back (lats) or chest
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    You will be primarily working your lats. The pecs, sternal, will play a role in this movement as well.

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    If you want a solid serratus only exercise you can do serratus pushups, get in girl pushup position, on your knees, instead of keeping a flat back arch your back like a cat. You have to make sure to emphasise the arched back and concentrate on keeping your shoulder blades stable with no movement, it works best if you can have someone watch your shoulder blades for movement, I wish I had a picture to show you. I learned this from a chiropractor who is a huge praponent of training your postural muscles. I started his routine and I can tell a huge difference in my posture in just 3 weeks.

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