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    Please Critique my Routine

    Hey everyone. I'm looking for you to criqitue my workout routine. Please tell me if you think I should add or change anything. I'm looking to gain as much mass as possible naturally (for now). I've been doing this routine for a little over 3 months and my results are so-so--I'm gaining some weight but not really gaining any inches on the arms, which is my main goal for now.

    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 140lbs
    BF%: Low
    Training: On/off for a year and a half--been on for over 6 months right now.
    Age: 19 years old
    Diet: I try to eat every 2-3 hours, mostly tuna, yogurt, eggs, chicken, rice, supplements

    3-4 sets, 6-8 reps

    Barbell Shrugs
    Wide-Grip Cable Pull-Down
    Seated Row

    Barbell Curl
    Hammer Curl (after barbell curls to completely "kill" the muscle)

    Wrist Curls

    Bench Press
    Incline Bench Press

    Shoulder Press (or sometimes front lateral raises)
    Side Lateral Raises
    Bent-Over Lateral Raises

    Tricep Cable Pull-Down

    LEGS/ABS (Fri)
    Calf Raise
    Leg Press
    Leg Extensions
    Leg Curls (sometimes)

    Weighted Ab Crunch or Incline Ab Crunch

    Within the past, I'd say, 2 months I've started not to do the LEGS/ABS routine and just do the first two workouts (Workout 1 - Mon, Workout 2 - Wed, then Workout 1 again - Fri). I'm most interested in upper body mass right now so that's my reasoning for doing that. Please tell me what you think of my routine. THANK YOU.

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    Hay bro, good to see that your still natty at that weight you should stay that way until your at least 175-180 at your height.....

    1 you could do with a rowing movement (bent over rows) on back day, perhaps change for cable pull down.

    2 add dead lifts to your routine.

    3 you may think about dropping forearms as they get good stimulation with almost every thing you do, so the possibility for overtraining is high.

    4 you could drop the front raise, as benching gives the anterior head of the delts, lots to think about.

    5 no squats on lag day?

    6 triceps you will be better of with skullkrushers and or seated extensions.

    7 You could add one more chest movement..

    8 you say that your interested in upper body mass, ant we all lol.. the two exercises that will do it are not in your routine SQUATS and DEADS

    Sets and reps look good,, you may want to mix it up a bit with the reps,, you have more than one type of muscle fibber…. Muscle grouping looks good

    And one more time don’t use the gear just yet, you will be glad you held off, do it for as long as you can… i hope thats helps
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    Hey man..thanks a lot for your critique. I'll add those exercises into my routine in the next week or so. (I've been training using a home gym for a few months, when I leave back for college next week I'll have a full gym at my disposal and it'll be easier to do deadlifts and such.) I was wondering, is it imperative to use free weights when possible? I use free weights as much as possible, but I've always used a smith machine for chest and squats (when I did them.) Thanks again!

    Also, do you know a good site that details the correct form for squats and deads? It's been a while since I've done both.

    And finally, if I wish to continue just to focus on my upper body for now and discontinue the leg exercises, would it be feasible to add the deadlifts to maybe every-other back workout and the squats to maybe every-other chest workout (or should I really have a leg day even if I dont want to lol)?
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    I've decided that I want to train bis and tris on the same day. So if I make Chest/Shoulders one workout, Bis/Tris another workout, and Legs/Abs the last workout....Where would back fit in?

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