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    when do u know when to take a week break

    I havent taken a break from the gym since february 2005 and right now the tendons holding my pectorals and my elbows and everything feel irritated. I was wondering if a week away from the gym would be beneficial and would i lose any strength over this period of time. I wouldnt want to go back to the gym a week later trying to do the weight i was doing and injure myself.

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    No you won't lose any strenght, matter of fact you'll probably come back a bit stronger. I strongly suggest you take a week off every two months. I went for 3 months the last time and I had to stop cause I injured myself.

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    taking a few extra days off from your routine now and then seems to be popular with some guys i know, when they feel that they need it.

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    Yup, even when I take 3 days off then go back I feel the difference. I know that a week is far more beneficial, but these days I just can't get a week off because I'm usually at the gym having to train someone else and I end up working out anyhow.


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    i always judge it by the way i feel, if i feel like i need another day off i take it. no sence in trying to lift with a week unmotivated body

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    Your body isnt a machine, it needs a break once in a while. A break from the gy, a break from your diet (cheat days), a break from work.

    Dont feel guilty, let yourself heal

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    hm k good i needed this thread bc I have to do this stupid orientation stuff for my school and its all day sat and all day today except for now. I'll prolly push everything over 3 days

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