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    (Reverse) hypers and shoulder movements

    How often should I perform these two exercises to help me with my injuries, while not doing too much and interfere with my workouts?

    I use this rubber band that I got from PT to do pulls and circles for my shoulder and I do hyper extensions and reverse hyper extensions.

    more specific:
    stretched ligament in both shoulders. more mild in left more evident in right, causing a dislocation 6 times. lower back compressed disc in between L-4/L-5. all injuries cause little or no pain when lifting but I am trying to get them almost non existant

    in order of annoyance it is
    1. left shoulder, has never dislocated but causes more pain than my right, which has.
    2. lower back, more of a problem if I am sitting or laying for an extended amount of time, than when I am lifting.
    3. right shoulder causes mild discomfort but, not too much actual pain.

    range of motion is limited but, I am still able to perform nearly any lift. besides behind the neck presses or heavy dumbell/barbell movements ie anything under 6-7 reps. I have definately improved within the last year
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