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Thread: need opinions

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    need opinions

    i had originally posted this in the steroid forum but i'm still gonna ask the same question. being 5'10'', 170 lbs what kinda stats should i be puttin up (bench, squat, etc...) example - db shoulder press i can do the 75s 10x by my 3rd or 4th set...any good? also what is an ideal weight for being 5'10''? i was thinkin bout 180? regardless i'll prolly never be satisfied w/ my body.

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    At 6 feet tall, my natural bodyweight (without strength training) is 180lbs. My avatar is of me at 190lbs. Currently, I am weighing in at 210lbs. I would consider myself an ectomorph/slight mesomorph; if I had to categorize myself. Posting a pic would be helpful.

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