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    Trained legs hard today and a new variation!

    today when i trained legs ( i hate training legs) i did a new variation.

    I have been used to doing kind of sissy lunges (using a choice of either a pair of dumbells or a barbell on my traps).......sissy lunges meaning that you just bring your leg down and then back up WITHOUT going back to the starting position before going down again.

    Today, i did not do sissy lunges and did full lunges- with slightly less weight. Meaning that after having the barbell on my traps, i moved my thigh down completely to the floor before moving it back up and then moving back into the starting position before going down again. I almost felt sick......but i can tell this is a better exercise than half lunges.

    also did my 4 sets of squats, 8-12 reps and my 3 sets of hack squats, 9-14 reps.... ugh. but weights were up slightly!

    anyways, what do you think about my quad workout? will train hamstrings in a couple days too
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