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Thread: bulking help 2

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    bulking help 2

    i did not mention i wanted to get to 185lbs, now i understand how to do that but does anyone have a diet that is good, and would work for my situation mentioned in my post bulking help, like can someone give me the typical meal plan and even good training spilt that works monday-friday so maybe i can do the diet that way. something proven i guess. oh and yes my goal is one day to compete in bodybuilding shows...thanks for the help

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    Day 1 Chest
    Day 2 Back
    Day 3 Legs
    Day 4 Shoulders/ Traps
    Day 5 Arms
    With an optional rest day between back and legs or legs and shoulders. I would advise a rest day between back and legs especially if you're doing deadlifts, which I would hope you were if you were serious about putting on mass.

    Or if you wanted strictly a mon-fri routine with no break switch back and chest days with one another and drop the rest days.

    As far as diet, check out the diet forum.

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    Diet, follow the bulking diet sticky and adjust from there.

    I would personally only do 3 days a week if bulking, in a Push / Pull / Legs split, 5x5. Do a search under my name and 5x5 if you want the routine I used. I'm 5'9, 190lbs with about 11% bf. I feel three days a week would be better because you're concentrating on the compound movements. I know you said you want the bodybuilder look, but you will need to put on some mass before you can look good shredded.

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