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    revised back/bicep routine

    Deadlift-4 sets
    Pullups-3 sets
    Tbar rows-3 sets
    Lat pulldowns-3 sets

    ok thanks to some other dudes ive got a good routine base here
    i was thinking of adding this what i was told:

    close gripped pull downs - 4 sets
    bent over reversed flies 3 sets
    hang cleans 4 sets (before all other exercizes)
    bicep curls 6 sets

    (3 heavy weighted, 3 light weighted, super setting the light weights after each heavy set)

    4 sets for arm curls

    i know i want to find some way of adding these extra exercizes because of the effect that working muscles in different forms has

    but at the same time dont wanna over train... any suggestions on how many sets for these exercizes?

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    Just wanted to throw mine out to ya..
    currently lifting 2 days on, 1 off..then repeat. Cardio in AM (empty stomach), cutting sticky diet. Weights have been steadily increasing every week, while bf% drops.

    Workout 1:
    Power cleans
    Stiff Leg dead
    Leg curl

    Workout 2:
    Dumbell bench
    Dumbel bench incline
    Dumbell bench decline
    close grip dumbell bench
    straight bar skull crushers
    hammer style skull crushers

    workout 3:
    wide grip pullup w/plate strapped around waist
    close grip "v-bar' pull up w/plate
    T-bar row
    standing straight bar curl
    hammer curl

    workout 4
    upright row
    dumbell side raise
    dumbell front raise
    rear delt machine /superset with standing calf raise
    shrugs /superset with seated calf macine

    Seems like alot, but I use MAX-OT philosophy. couple warm up sets first excerse, then 2-3 ballz to the wall heavy sets each. Thats it. No warming up when you get to excercises 2, 3, 4 and so on.

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