hey guys,

once again i have failed on my cutting diet. stuck it for bout a month, lost bout 8lbs and cudnt deal with it!

however, once i move away to my new job/life/gym etc nxt week i rly wana make the change! i wana start all over, but i have a few questions.

when you are on a low carb cutting diet, how hard do you make your workouts and do you concentrate on certain exercises??

the reason i ask is that i only ever seem to stick to doing a compound movement for bodyparts then some isolation but is this wrong? i usually stick to the 3 sets of 10 reps also.

should i stick to just isolation movements and up the reps of my sets??

also, when i do cardio on the bike, i stick to the 65%-70% MHR but i never seem to feel tired out or feel like im working hard.

does any one have any suggestions? i seriously get madly depressed when i fail to do this all successfully!

please help, i appreciate it you guys