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Thread: Wings, pull ups

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    Wings, pull ups

    i did wide grip pull ups for the 1st time in a while and man do i feel it in my lats. normally i would just do wide grip pull downs but after doing these i feel that they are a must. as far as form goes what is the best way to keep ur body stationary (so it doesnt swing)?

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    Tightening up my abs really helps me from swinging. As you reach failure, it will be very hard to stop the swing.

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    concentration (mental) helps to stop swinging. Focus on what you want to do.

    But if you're forcing reps, you're gonna swing. I always see guys in the gym doing that, and they're not really doing anything.

    Or you could always get on one of those sissy pull-up machines. They're good for pumping out some more reps with good form.

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