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    Workout vs MMA workouts

    Everyone says dont train a muscle part more than once or twice a week...everywhere! Well what about all those MMA fighters that are like training like once or twice sometimes even more than that per day!?? I do cardio and lift twice every other day. I have until mid November to train for a comp. I do a NO carb diet Mon-Fri weekends is free for all in moderation? Ideas? Comments?

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    Can't say for anybody else but I just do one body part per day for th week. Something like


    Take the weekends off and do some extra cardio. In general I do 12-15 sets per body part besides arms, i've got stronger and lighter since working out like this. I do 3 nights a week of boxing, and 3 nights of BJJ. Not to mention I run in the AM before my classes start. I don't really believe in overtraining, but you can under rest. These guys you see in TUF/TUF2 basicly had nothing else to do but eat, sleep, and train all the time. So i'm sure they were well rested and fed.

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