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    Why do I only have "localized" definition?

    I'm not sure if this is the right place to post this, but here goes. It seems to me, that I only have localized definition. I have almost perfect ab definition, but my arms aren't really defined at all. The only time there's some good definition there is when I'm working out. Why is this? Could it be because I only weigh 144lbs and don't have enough muscle for good definition? But I've seem people even skinnier than I am that have better arm definition, I think. Any ideas?

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    I'd say it's because you are 144, yes.

    At 144 you better have abs!

    That is not a flame, but I'm totally serious.

    As well, at 144 I can't imagine you having that much muscle mass or arm mass, unless you are like 4'10" or something.


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    Hey bro...thanks for responding. That's exactly what I figured. And that's why I'm doing everything in my power, diet + training-wise to fix it.

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    I'm 140 lbs but I reckon i've got pretty good muscle definition. Size has a lot to do with it but once you've got a base and low body fat you will always have definition. Fat doesn't just store on top of your muscles, it stores inbetween muscle fibres especially if you bulk fast on a high fat high calorie diet, so losing body fat causes the muscle to become denser with less fat in between which increases definition.

    Just look at those skinny guys in africa which do manual labour but don't eat much fat, their arms are small but they have loads of definition even if they are thin

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