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    1 or 2 times a week????

    Im always looking for new ideas and ways to work out since i get bored quick.

    Im currently doing 2 body parts a day and was wondering what u guys thought about hitting just one a day+abs??? I would do about 6 different excersices for that one part and hit it just once a day.

    I also want to switch it up because lately muscles seem very tired especially bis. So im maybe guessing im over training.

    What do u guys think?

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    When I felt overtrained, I switched to hitting one bodypart per day and spreading them more evenly throughout the week. You'll have more energy to apply to all the major muscle groups and your strength should reach new levels.

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    i was recently in your same situation and i just didnt feel like i was hitting the body parts as hard as i could when i worked 2 parts a day.ive recently switched back to 1 body part and ive already noticed more gains

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