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    you gotta try these neat cable exercises!

    don't know about you guys but generally for each workout, except legs, i use some type of cables (generally 1 exercise) but you can do some awesome moves with single arm cable exercises: here are my favs:

    front or lateral raises with d-bar handle: Do 1-2 sets of them simply raising and lowering the weight. But then on your last 1-2 sets raise the cable, but then HOLD IT FOR AS LONG AS YOU CAN until your arms just give up. Keep repeating till you fail.......

    Single arm reverse tricep pushdowns with d-bar handle: you can get an awesome triceps pump with this exercise, i love it because i can assist myself to do forced reps after i fail. If you are working your right arm, and you fail, push down your left arm on your right to get forced reps- but help as little as necessary. I've developed my triceps more with this exercise than with two-arm bar pushdowns..... i think one reason is because when i hit failure, i hit failure.

    High pulley single arm cable curls: These will pump your biceps tremendously if you do it right......again use a d bar handle, and use only one arm at a time. You gotta pull the bar towards your face, so obviously this exercise is good to do with cables. Again, for 1 set or so hold the bar as close to your face as you can, until your arms fail and you have to extend the cable.

    here's one we've all probably done, wide grip pulldowns ( i do chinups sometimes too) you lower the bar under your chin, hold it there until you can't hold it anymore, let the bar up and then repeat......

    i like to do lateral raises with dumbells (for rear delts) and then for middle delts to do the cable raises. I've found the momentum in the dumbells can make it almost impossible to hold the weight in the top position- this is why i prefer cables for doing this.......when u are done, your shoulders should feel like there is an alien inside and that they will pop out of your skin

    just giving some tips for any guys who may be interested in trying something new/different
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    Wow, you're right. Those are NEAT-O!

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