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    How to gain weight fastest?

    OK, I understand this has been posted on this website many times before but I am a newbie. But seriously, I want to make sure I know what I'm doing exactly. I'm looking to write up a diet for weight gaining.

    What I'd like to do is gain as much weight as possible, as quick as possible. I've lost 20 pounds from where I used to be when I was very sick last year. Anyway then I was at 200-205, not I'm at 180. Before I get into the weights much more I'd like to put on at least 10 pounds. I've got a good frame at 6'1 and a little

    Anyway can somebody, please, if they don't mind give me a write up on how many calories I should eat a day, or tell me the most calories I can consume perday. What's the max weight I can gain per week? Also what are some of the very best foods to gain weight?

    Thanks beforehand guys, I'm trying to walk on at a major university to play football and if I can't get back to where I was I don't have a chance. Please let me know!!

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    read the diet forum dude.

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    Wrong forum brutha, check the diet forum. As well, no one is going to "give you a write up" here, you'll have to research and present your approach for critique. Unless you desired customized help (like my services) you will have to do the footwork.

    Good luck!

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