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    Aghhhh! My Calves are Killing Me!

    I look like a gimp trying to walk around. I can barely hobble.

    I worked legs wed night and this is unreal.

    I used a new seated calf machine and put my usual weights on 70, then 80 , then 90 then 100lbs....12 reps each. with about 45 secs between each set.

    I felt some soreness last night but today is Killer.

    Anyone have a good solution to minimize the soreness?


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    wish i could get mine that sore

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    Man!!! You can have it! I love it when my chest, back, arms, shoulders, and abs are this sore but walking is a bitch today!

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    Do some light cardio. and the blood will pump oxygen and nutrients to help accclerate recovery. Louie Simmons, from Westside Barbell, would have you do some seated calf raises with light weight and higher reps. The principle is same as the light cardio.

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    after training quads and hamstrings 100% max my legs are almost limp for 2 days, i still feel it 5 days after my workout.

    imho, that is good- means you are working the muscles well.

    however, it is worth noting that when i was on the gear, the soreness was notably less......and i actually did slightly more volume

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    I have the same problem today, i did legs then about 8 sets on calfs. I haven't done them in about 2 years but I could walk with my knees straight today. The pain is horrible. I love it when everything esle is this sore but I can't walk. Whats the best way to get rid of the soreness so I can walk normal?

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    calf soreness is definately my favorite! I couldn't seem to get them sore at all until i switched up my calf exercises a little......standing calf raises- either machine or dumbbells. do sets of 20-20-40...20 just isolating one calf, ie letting it do all the work; 20 on the opposite calf; and then finishing it off with 40 reps using both. Feels like there is a fire in those badboys!

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    Try stretching after the workout and the next day. Also the light cardio sounds good.

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