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    cardio before workout???

    ok guys, i'm trying to drop some body fat. i've started running a mile, no more no less, before i lift. i do this to get my heartrate up. so far i feel better during my workout and not as tired afterwords. but i can tell that i get a better work out.
    anyway, some people here have said not to do this. i wanted to ask the experts, ya'll, first before i made any adjustments.


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    Since I started running on the treadmill for 15 min. at a fast pace BEFORE my lifting workouts, my workouts have been more productive and more intense. Reason being, I'm warmed up and loosened up better and my heartrate is up.

    If you feel good doing cardio before your workouts and feel your workouts are productive, I see no reason to change it.

    You know your body better than anyone.

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    Jeff theres a word for the reason why people are saying to not do cardio preworkout. That word is CATABOLISM. You dont want to get yourself into that state prior to training. The idea of worknig out is to build muscle not break it down.
    This is all based on ones goal. I know you said you want to drop BF so definitely if you could do some cardio right when you wake up in the AM. Then again PWO.
    Dont get me wrong, a warm up is a must!!!!! A mile might be a lil much but depending on your speed ity may not be.
    If you really want to drop some BF try doing your cardio PWO when all your glyco stores are empty and you're running off fat. Pop a couple BCAA's before your workout and you're ready to rock.

    How old are you so we can get you a good THR to run at??

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    1) I'd never do cardio before working out, no.

    2) I'd never RUN for cardio if fat loss is the goal.

    Just my $.02


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    i only run if someone is chasing me . . . let your diet take off the fat.

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    you could take some amino acids or a protien bar or shake between the two if you insist on doing cardio pre workout, but remember you are going to be expending energy you could use for building muscle, also SC is so right about not running to burn fat, a better bet would be a fast walk on an incline, keep your heart rate at the appropriate level to burn fat not increase cardio vascular conditioning.

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