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    How many stes/reps for growth?

    I guess I will go back to each body part once a week. How many sets/reps do you all do? How many different lifts? For example, when I was doing chest once a week I would do:
    Bench 3x3
    Incline 3x5
    Decline 3x5
    Pec Press 3x5
    Cables 3x5
    Butterflys 3x5
    Incline Pec Press 3x5

    Does this sound right? I would be feeling it for several days. I did about 6 different routines per body part sticking to the 3 sets of 5 throughtout. Would 5 sets of 5, 5 sets of 8, or anything else be better? Should I do more sets/reps for legs? I have heard of Swolecats leg workout, but can't find it, could someone link me? Thanks!

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    Not another one of these questions. There appears to be one a week

    Here are SC's posts

    SWOLECAT is the man!!! He knows his dietary and workout sh1te!!!

    Here's another link about reps and sets

    And about your workout. 5 reps is for strength, you can probably achieve better results with 8 reps. Legs for 15-20 usually

    21 sets for chest with all those different exercises is unnecessary. Read the thread above about number of sets per body part!!!!

    Oh, and 5 reps on butterflies will rip your shoulders out. That exercise IMO shouldn't be performed for any less than 10 reps because you will hurt your shoulder with it being out perpendicular to your body for heavy transverse flexion.
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    thank you flexor......

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