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    How many pullups??

    Okay, I need to start working on some of my weakpoints. My lats are really hurting. I am curious how many pullups you guys can do for say 3 sets. At the moment I can do about 5,4,4. I know this is terrible, so Im trying to see where I should be, so how many would be a good goal for me to work towards? Also, would it be okay for me to do pullups every day, or every other day until I can get more of them, or will I be overtraining?

    I weigh 200lbs and my lats need serious help, I figured I would focus on my pullups. Tell me what you guys think I should do for a pullup routine.



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    Basic back routine

    Pull ups x3 wide
    Pulldowns x3
    Bent rows x3
    Deads x2
    There are many things you can do for a pull-up only workout

    (Pull-up workout) do as many as you can to make 50 reps

    (Alternate grip workout) start wide, then go narrow, then reveres grip,

    (Alternate reps workout) start heave 20kg around your waist for 6, then go down from there up to 15 20 reps…the list goes on

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    I wouldn't recommend doing pull-ups everyday or EOD. Do them only with your back routine and at the beginning of the workout when you are strongest. Also add some rowing exercises. My back routine looks like..
    Pull Ups.. 3-4 sets.. 20-30 reps (1st set I get 10-12 reps. After that straight down hill)
    Bent Barbell Rows.. 3-4 sets.. 8-12 reps
    Low Pull cable Rows..3sets..8-12 reps
    Traps.. 4 sets..8-12 reps
    Keep working you will get the reps up there.

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    don't forget the weighted pullups!!

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    I can get 30+ on my first set but after that it is straight down hill, I really only do weighted pull ups now, sets of 6 or so with a 45, those things rule.

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    weighted pull-ups are the way to go. start light. IMHO, it's real important to be able to move your own body weight. Last year I could barely do 8, now I can bang out 25 on my first set. Just keep at it.

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    i would just incorporate pullups into your back routine bro. I do them very first exercise. I dont do weighted. dont feel i need to. I do 3 sets and i go till i cant do any more. i can usually get about 15-20 the first set, then like others it falls drastically to like 10-12, and then to like 7-8. i do them all wide grip. and i also do wide grip pull downs every back routine. a typical back routine i dont think would call for a separate whole pull up routine...just incorporate pullups into your workout and you'll be good to go imo.

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    i have witnessed my friend do 650+ in under an hour..he is a freak of nature thou....i read try to get 40-50 ever many arnolds book

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