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    Arrow Will HST give me the mass I want?


    Here's the thing. I've been working out for about 9-10 years, but I've never lifted for bodybuilding/powerliftng. I always lifted weights for strength and conditioning, but never for size specifically. I'm at a point now that I want to begin training for size. I have become larger over the last 10 years, but a lot of that was going from being a high school kid to an adult. Right now I am 6'2'' about 215 lbs. and probably around 15-16%. My training splits usually look about like this:

    Monday: Chest and Tricep(usually flat or incline bench, flat or incline dumbell fly, machine fly, tri-pushdown, kickback)

    Tuesday: Back and Bicep(seated row/pulldown superset, bent over row, straight bar curl, incline hammer curl, preacher seat curl)

    Wednesday: Legs(Squat, leg ext./leg curl superset, standing calf raise)

    Thursday: Shoulders(Seated barbell military press, front and side lateral raises, shrugs)

    Friday: I'm in the military and I use Friday to prepare for our fitness test. Pushups, Sit ups and 1.5 mile run.

    Sat/Sun: Off

    When I stick to my cardio I do about 30 min a day in the morning before breakfast. I usually lift in the evenings. My lift routine provides a lot of cardio because of high reps and short rests between sets/exercises. 30-45 seconds between sets, no more than 4 minutes between execises. Sometimes I don't stick to that wait time on leg day.... cause it's to ****ing hard. My diet could be better, but I eat as much protein as I can. I don't take any supplements.

    My goal is to gain about 20 lbs. I don't really have a time limit, but would prefer as quickly as safe. I keep hearing that HST is THE way to build mass fairly quickly. If anyone can give me some advice, or maybe a good mass building routine/ diet, I would greatly appreciate it. Alright I'm ****ing done, do newbies get slapped for writing to much?

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