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    Underhand tricep pushdowns

    What do you guys think of underhand tricep pushdowns? Has anyone here added them to their routines and got good results?

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    Supposedly underhand grip works the lateral head, but elbow position has little effect on tricep recruitment. If you feel your tricep and rotate your elbow you will notice there is no difference in stretch or position of the muscle. However the lateral head is the shortest so it does generate the most leverage at the beginning of a movement.

    If there were true isolation, one tricep head would shorten proportionally more than the other and create uneven shortening/slackening of the other heads, which isn't possible because there is a common tendon. Overhead presses stretch the long head because its got a different insertion but that isn't isolating it because all heads are working.

    A lot of people do pushdowns but personally they would never beat close grip bench presses, dips and skullcrushers for me, but it would probably be good to switch about occasionally...

    Sorry if this went off topic...but I thought this might help
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