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    Incline dumbell flys

    What do you guys think of incline dumbell flys? I know incline dumbell and incline barbell press are the ultimate exercises in building the upper pecs, but what about these?

    Will incline dumbell flys help build the upper pecs?

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    Incline dumbell flys will help build the upper pecs, but your more compound exercise like the incline dumbbell press is more effective for muscular strength and development. There is a lot of overload on the chest and you have a great range of motion...The incline barbell bench press is also great exercise that allows a lot of overload on the upper pecs...

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    I'll work incline barbell for about four weeks and then switch to dumbells for a couple weeks, and then switch back.

    For me, the flyes help keep my shoulders in check as far as form and the general feel of the exercise so I know I'm working what I want in my pecs and not getting too much slop in my movement. Then when I switch back to barbell, I feel I have a solid base for form.

    Disclaimer: This is not for everyone. If you have any shoulder problems - stick to compound (IE: Barbell press) exercises.

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