Alright guys, I am currently attempting to cut as much as possible. I am not too worried about my overall strength at this point- just looking good. I am currently 6'2, 196 lbs, and, I am guessing, 15-17% bf. Over the past 6 weeks i have dropped 10 lbs and have seen some good results. My training routine follows:

Monday, Day One: AM-Empty Stomach Cardio. 40 minutes swim. CHEST

Tuesday, Day Two: circuit training.

Wednesday, Day Three: Cardio (same as Monday). BACK.

Thursday, Day Four: circuit training.

Friday, Day Five: Cardio. ARMS.

Saturday: OFF

Sunday: AM Cardio.

When I am doing strength training, I do light weights, breaking down the reps 15-6-8-8-12.

When circuit training, on Tuesdays and Thursdays, I train with a buddy, who trains for wrestling. Shoulders, Legs, and abs are, primarily what we train with little rest between sets.

I am working on my diet, which, I will hopefully have posted later on in the week. Other than a cheat day once a week it is clean. What do you guys think of this? Any constructive criticism would be greatly appreciated. Hope everyone had a g' weekend.