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    Swolecats legs routine + hack squats/calf raises?

    I am doing legs tomorrow, its Swole's routine you can find in the sticky. Leg extension/ Ham curl 3x20 and squat 3x20. Tomorrow is also my calf day which is just calf raises 3x20. Would I be over doing it if I throw in hack squats 3x20?
    Last Friday I did 3x15 on all of the above ( minus hack), barely getting my 15th rep out on each set and felt almost NO soreness the next day. Will bumping up my reps by 5 on each set be enough, or could I throw in hack squats as well? Thanks.

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    did you follow the 3/2 tempo? and without looking at it right now i think it is 5 sets? Is this why you did 3 sets free weight and 3 sets hacks?

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    I alternate my squats and hack squats each leg day.

    You may want to try finishing off with leg presses. Burn yourself out on them.

    If you are reaching the point in your workout where you are no longer getting results, then you may need to change your routine. If you have been doing 15 reps each set for the last 8 weeks or so, then consider adding more weight and doing only 6-8 reps and a couple more sets. This will shock your body and force it to react.

    You can't keep doing the same workout for a really long time if you want to see results.

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