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    workout after a long layoff

    hi guys, im relatively new to this board, and need a critique on a plan im devising to get myself back in shape, im 35, 5' 11" bout 250 atm , im not really fat ( size 36 501's ) lookin mostly for strength and mass bein winters returning.
    any how, here it is

    mon- chest- flat bbpress 2x warmup 3x heavy straight sets
    inc bb press 1x warmup 2x worksets
    inc fly 1xwarmup 2xworkset
    shoulder - military 2xwarmup 2xworksets
    hangclean 1xwarmup 2x worksets
    tri- dips 2x warmup 2x worksets
    pushdowns 1x warmup 2x worksets

    tues back- deads off the floor 2 x warmup 3x straight worksets
    wide grip pulldowns 1 x warmup 2 x workset
    bb row 1x warm up 2 x worksets
    bi's- straight bar curl 2x warmup 2x work
    hammer curl 1x warmup 2x worksets
    forearms - 3 sets wrist curls and extensions

    wed- off

    thu quads- squat 2x warmup 3xwork
    lunge 3 times ( walk through the house, usually bout 10 reps per leg )
    ext's 1x warmup 2x worksets
    hams- leg curls 2x warmup 2x worksets
    stiffleg 1x warmup 2x worksets
    calves- seated 2x warmup 2x worksets
    standing 1x warmup 2x worksets

    fri- off

    sat- repeat cycle, 3 way split working out mon, tues thu, sat

    as far as cardio is concerned, i do some tredmill walking as well as a few ab movements on wed, fri and sun, and heavy/speed bag work later in the evenings usually every day.

    nothin special just want to build a solid str/size routine, some may think a bit heavy on the cardio, but some ass kickin wind is always a good thing,

    thx for the time, i appreciate any critics opinions

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    looks like a pretty good full body routine, how long was your layoff?

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    bout a good year at least, so atm im doin the routine with relatively low weights for a few weeks to get my cns jumpstarted again, im eatin the usual 6 times a day, altho only goin creatine, glutamine for a while. id say somewhere inbetween 3000 and 4000 cals/day

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