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    When to work out while on a cycle ?

    Hi all. Newbie question here.

    In general, does it matter what time of day you work out when you take an injection or swallow an oral ?

    I havent done AS yet and have been working out for a while. Just wondering if you are supposed to work out an hour after taking your d-bol for example.

    How does creatine and DHEA fit into a work out program while on AS ?
    Why take them? When to take them and how much ?

    Thanks so much..

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    I always preferred am injections before a shower, and I always workout early afternoon, though I have never heard that there is a bad time while cycling. Creatine may help (5gms after each workout) your training because of increased ATP production, but DHEA (deemed the mother hormone) is not necessary because it primarily helps the rest of your hormones work properly, which due to the gear your body won't be producing because of negative feedback.

    Be careful, and very safe. Do your homework before starting any cycle.

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