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    Cable crossovers-standing straight up?

    When you all do your cable crossover for your chest routine do you stand straight up or bent at the waist at a 90* angle so you are facing the floor. I see a lot of guys do it both ways and was wondering which was best. Thanks!

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    (I always thought cables were for shaping as well as strengthening, so you know... whichever you feel will help shape your boobies...)
    Personally, I workout my own way because my body isnt the same as the next guys. Try both, and whichever you feel is targeting the group you want to work, i'de say that one is your best bet.

    "In bodybuilding, you're essentially conducting a research experiment on yourself, so you shouldn't use an exercise because it is popular."

    Thats a great quote...
    Anyone correct me here if im wrong with the advice.

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    try one handed too, to me i feel i get a wider range of motion and a better pump.

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    I do them slightly bent at the waist and leaning forward, but not 90 degrees. I'd say maybe 45 degree bend and pushing out in front of the chest. People do them a lot of different ways, so it's really what's working for you and what's comfortable, I personally couldn't imagine doing them with my waist bent 90 degrees. That'd be like doing bent over lat raises

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    As Billy said, the most commonly used method is locking the trunk in at 45 degrees or greater. With the forward lean, you can get increased ROM (a better stretch in the pecs) and use a heavier resistance.

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    I actually will do them both ways. Not standing straight up, or not bent to 90degrees, but I feel them in different places in my chest. I also like doing them with the cables at the bottom and pressing them up from my hips. I feel that in my lower chest.

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    slightly bent
    straight up will cause too much arms to come into it....

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    depends on what type im doing. if i do them where the cables are high, then slightly bent but not 90 degrees. If i do them where the cables are low on the floor, then i think im pretty much standing straight.

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    I superset with both. Standing up straighter for my reps, then increasing the weight and immediately going into reps bent over. Gives a great chest pump.

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