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    Possible for only one side to be receptive??

    I've been on my cyle of fina for 3 weeks now and my entire right side is much bigger than the left, is it possible for my right side not to respond to the steroid ? any help would be great

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    you should put this in the steroids forum!! but I would say no... although steroids isn’t my specialty.. im no 100% on that..

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    The only studies suggesting a steroid -induced imbalance is that seen in the shoulder girdle. Which is further shown when comparing a properly virilized man with one suffering from low T leves - the one with the greater testosterone levels exhibits a larger shoulder girdle... the other with low natural androgens will ten to have naturally narrow shoulders. It appears their are more androgen receptors in this area...

    But experiencing a larger growth between left and right - this sounds like a training mistake. You are probably favoring one side of your body - probably your dominant side... you are right handed right? Might want to try using more dumbell movements and sliding the collars off the barbells to make sure each side comes up at the same time - or the weights will slide. Both arms need to workout equally, lifts should be parallel to the floor the whole way... don't "worm" it... if you have to, decrease the load to get better form.

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