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    check out my workout program, any suggestions?

    I run a 4 day cycle, with 1 day rest at the end (so 5 days in total). All muscles are trained at least once in the 4 days, and abs, traps, and forearms are hit twice in 4 days. Workout schedule is as follows:

    Day 1
    Chest - 1 warmup set
    - 3 sets flat bench
    - 3 sets incline bench
    - 3 sets cable row

    Back - 1 warmup set
    - 3 sets power t-bar rows
    - 3 sets wide grip lat pulls
    - 3 sets bent over rows
    - 3 sets hyperextensions

    Abs - 3 sets crunches
    - 3 sets twisting crunches
    - 3 sets leg raises

    Day 2
    Legs - 6 sets leg extensions
    - 6 sets leg curls
    - 6 sets squats

    Traps - 6 sets dumbbel raises

    Forearms - 6 sets barbell twists

    Day 3
    Biceps - 3 sets heavy barbell curls
    - 3 sets narrow grip preacher curls
    - 3 sets concentration curls

    Triceps - 3 sets dips
    - 3 sets narrow grip barbell press
    - 3 sets rope presses

    Abs - 3 sets crunches
    - 3 sets twisting crunches
    - 3 sets leg raises

    Day 4
    Shoulders - 3 sets smith machine presses
    - 3 sets lateral raises
    - 3 sets bent over laterals

    Calves - 9 sets calf raises

    Traps - 6 sets dumbbel raises

    Forearms - 6 sets barbell twists

    Day 5

    Let me know what you all think

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    Chest I'd throw in either flyes or dips, Legs use the extensions for warmup and add another exercise like leg press, triceps drop the rope presses for skull crushers for shoulders I'd add another set to the presses at least and for the calves 9 sets are they 3 standing, 3 seated and 3 leg press style b/c I have gotten the best response from the method.

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    Actually a very good solid split. Only thing I would say is do your compound exercise first, so when you are doing legs, do you squats first

    I would assume that you are emphasizing your arms on this split, since you have pulls bi's and tri's into one day and put back and chest into one. That is a good way to get growth since you are hitting both your bi's and your tri's when they are fresh.

    If that was not your intention, put your bi's with your back and your tri's with your chest or the other way around, so that you split up your compound movements.

    Very good split and selection of exercises.

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