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    when puting on mass !

    when putting on mass how many exercise do u guys do (say for chest),how many reps ,how much rest between sets.and ow many of u go heavy and how many beleive in high volume training.

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    i do 1 or 2 exercises for a total of 12 sets including warm ups 1 x per week
    i do varied reps from 16 at warm up to 3 for heavys
    i do about 80% power training and 20% body building and am up to 242 at 5-10--so this has put good size on me

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    Ive been doing 4 exercises for each body part 4 sets each but i warm up with a few light sets before I start After you are warmed up though dont mess around with light sets just get to it Put on some heavy weights and pump out reps and when you cant do anymore have your spotter make you put out some more The only way youre gonna grow is my lifting HEAVy

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    Three to four exercises per body part, 12-16 total sets (and that does not include warm-up sets).

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    2-3 sets and low rep high weight(IE..FLAT BENCH PRESS,INCLINE PRESS,10-8-6 REPS)

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    For chest-4 sets of warmup 10-8-6-4
    5 sets flat 1-3-5-7-9
    3 sets incline 2-4-6

    2 sets incline flys 10-8

    Max at 270
    250 at 4

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    I am 100% into powerlifting and my size is increasing but in a different way. I have gotton stronger without gaining too much size. But my size seems to be more solid. I am lookin gforward to what i will look like when i am 25.

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