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    How many of you use HIIT running?

    I was curious if any of you used the HIIT method of cardio. It looks like something much more interesting than taking an hour long brisk walk on a treadmill. Info on it is posted here
    Just curious as to if this would be as effective as lower intensity training such as biking or brisk walks for about an hour at a time. I know low intensity training burns more cals per fat, but how does that change out metabolism as much as HIIT? Thanks

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    Both HIIT and low intensity cardio will work but need to be placed within the larger context of your training and nutrition regime. Of the various permutations of interval training I have experimented with by far the most effective, in terms of rapid fat loss, would be 400m sprints. That said, there is a point of diminishing returns which make it very difficult to maintain frequency and volume. In contrast, low intensity cardio makes little inroad into your recovery but needs to be done with greater frequency. Therein lies dilemma.

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