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    help and advice for newbie on fat loss???

    hi all,

    im new here first off so take it easy on me! i am wanting to begin losing some weight from this monday, and hope to be able to compete come march 2007! it gives me plenty of time and i think it should be done, but im hoping the help and advice i get here will be beneficial for my goals

    240lbs (17 stone 2lbs)
    28%BF (yes i know, waaaaaay to high!!)
    20 years old

    i started lifting about one month before my 18th birthday, and from then i have been getting bigger. when i started i was under 14.5 stone, and i only used creatine and protein until about one year ago when i began reading up on different supplements. i am natural, no steroids as yet.

    I have a few questions that id like people to help me out with. so here goes

    1) i want to be down to 10%BF by xmas 2006 (approx 1 year and 2 months), do you think this is possible?

    2)i know to do cardio first thing in morning on empty stomach, at 70-75% max heart rate. but should i then do an extra half an hour of cardio at the end of my weights program (i will do cardio in morning and weights in afternoon)

    and lastly, what supplements should i use? i have at present:
    Whey protein
    INFERNO fat burner

    any advice would be greatly appreciated. i will try my best to get photos up as soon as possible. please please dont grill me when i get the photos up, i know im fat and overweight, but i want help and support please!

    let me know what anyone thinks

    thanks a lot

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    bump anyone?

    would cardio twice a day be too much?!?!

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    i doubt your body fat is that much - thats a lot...and i can say that as im fat - er - was....but

    yes - you can drop your bf 7-8% in a year provided a few things

    1 - its that high to begin with - going from 14 to 6 in that time would be much harder of course
    2 - proper diet and cardio = fat loss
    3 - be careful of what you use for a fat burner if your bf is that high as u dont want to take anything that will put undue stress on your heart

    i never saw an issue with cardio 2x a day - some might disagree. especially if you incorporate walking as one of the exercises as that is never harmful.

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    if you do morning cardio n afternoon workout no need to do 2 cardio sessions

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