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    Cutting-hows my new split?

    Hey everyone, I am 1 week (diet wise at least) into my cut. I got a new split which is a lot less than I have been doing. I want to see what everyone thinks. The reps are all 3x10 for the first 3 weeks, then sets of 8 for 3 weeks, then 5x5 for 3 weeks.

    Monday: Squats, Deadlifts, Leg Extesion and Ham Curls. Shrugs, forward delt raises and lateral delt raises.
    Tuesday- Cardio only
    Wednesday: Bench press, Decline press, DB Flyes. BBell military press, Close grip bench and push downs.
    Thursday- Cardio only
    Friday-Lat pull downs,T-bar rows, 1-arm dbell rows. Hammer curls, standing bbell curls, and incline dbell curls.

    I started doing morning cardio as well. Weeks 1-3 will be 30 minutes. Weeks 4-6 will be 45 minutes. Then weeks 6-9 will be one hour. Between 65-75% max heart rate. Please let me know how this looks.

    I would like to thank Doc.Sust for all his advice on nutrition, cardio and this split.

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    Thumbs up

    WOW squats followed by deadlifts, you must have a high energy level on mondays. Its something I don't even attempt, since both exercises drain me completely. I do deads on back day because of it.

    Interesting that you have front raises two days before bench presses. You could take advantage of the bench and do the raises on the same day for a full front delt pump. Same with lateral raises, I'd do them with the military presses

    Could add dips in favour of decline, because that sorts both chest and triceps. Dips are better than decline for the lower pec.

    Other than that I like it a lot. Obviously you are not going for absolute mass because you are cutting, but the things I suggested still count...

    Cardio workout is good.

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