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    Proper Squatting? Help

    Anyone want to direct me how to do a proper squat...where exactly the legs should be placed, the correct alignment at the eccentric phase, etc. The way I'm doing it now is bar along back of my traps, back straight, legs slightly wider than shoulder width, feet pointed a little outward rather than completely straight or inward. On the eccentric phase my shoulders are in line with my knees and my knees are behind the front of my foot. Good form? If not correct it pleeeeeease

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    Yes. Squatting is not merely bending your knees and coming up..its more sitting back pretty much like you are gonna sit on the toilet haha. Try box squats..they really help develop those muscles and help explode your squat.

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    There is a lot of info our there on squat technique, yours sounds pretty good but the bar should be as low on your back as rules allow to improve leverage. Mine is just below traps. My stance is wider than yours with feet pointing out a little, then just sit back and keep shins as close to vertical as possible. Now what I am saying is for a powerlifting squat and I never do over 6 reps per set.
    As Chest6 was saying box squats also help and should be included in any good program.

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    try and keep your chest out and squeeze your back together so you can stabalize the bar better... I put the bar right under my traps like oldpl said and just sit back first and try not to let your knees go over your toes....also keep your knees out and try to break parallel

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