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    Cardio diet and Bulking

    Do you guys fall under the philospohy of doing cardio weekly, when bulking even if your diet is 99% clean? Or can you stay lean, as in all, with your diet alone?

    What if you walked/jogged before breakfast a few times a week for 1 mile...a mere 10-15 minutes, then had one day designated to cardio solely. Anyone stay lean doing that?

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    15-20 min. won't do much do 45 min a fews day a week and don't stress out and bump 75 threads and ask this in the diet forum too. If you are a hardgainer, cardio would maybe be a bad idea. If you are more Endo then its a good idea. Cardio increases nutrient storage capacity just as weight training does, it also aids in recovery and protein synthesis. It also works out your heart the muscle you should most concerned with.

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