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    Exclamation Inner Chest ?????

    I need to some excersizes that will help me work on my inner chest! I go to the gym about 3 times a week and I do barbell benchpress and incline bench! but my innner chest is definatly lacking and is not proportional to the rest of my chest right now! im only taking creatine right now, and eating about 3k calories a day with plenty of cardio! any suggestions would be much appreciated!

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    a small room

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    Do cable flys.

    I can see so much defintion in my inner chest when I do these.

    When you do them, try to keep a very strict form and when you bring your hands down, cross them to about the wrist.

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    Quote Originally Posted by NewKid
    yup, dips...

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    in your beezy's vagina
    dips and incline flyes doggy

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    under your bed
    holy crap ! we practically have the same user name - but ya dips , butterflys maybe some close grip bench will definatly help!

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    "Inner chest" - this is a debate I have gone on about any a few threads before. Personally - my advice to you is to work your pec minor (upper) and major (lower) for the best overll size gains and you will get that inner chest you want. IMO - their is no "inner chest muscle" to be worked.

    Some argue that it might be possible dut to its fiber arrangement but I don't buy into that. Not that they are wrong - I just disagree...

    Lift heavy, hard and mix in a bunch of motivation, discipline and of course: consistency and progression... eat well and get adequate rest.

    You are quite young and only 160 some pounds - don't worry about the little things. I think its funny to see a new bodybuilding athlete do all machines as a back workout and then bust out some targeted wrist curls with a barbell, the only free weight used all day... deadlifts and rows should have been the only thing to think about it...

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    It is the insertions of the tendon into the sternum that dictates whether you can build muscle there easily or not. I have more muscle in the inner part of my left pec than my right, because the tendons are visibly different on one side. There is no inner muscle, the fibres are continuous across the whole chest.

    Whilst it is true you cannot isolate the inner because it is one muscle, it is also true that the inner portion does shorten less/more depending on what exercise you do. However shortening of a muscle doesn't necessarly mean its worked harder, because the shorter the muscle, the less tension developed, and therefore less force and less damage.

    Over time the muscle will form there better as you reach full development of the pecs. The genetic shape of your muscles is only fulfilled once you near full development, and that is when they will look filled out and 3D. Follow Warriors advice...and do the dips and forget decline and cables. You need to push MASS to grow.

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