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Thread: help!

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    can any1 give me a good 3 - 5 day intense routine that i will see real good results?

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    Monday: Chest, Tris & Shoulders - Flat medium bench, Dips, Skulls, Flyes, Military presses, Upright rows

    Tuesday (Slight rest): Calves & abs - calf raises, decline crunches, stability ball

    Wednesday: Quads & glutes - Squats, Hack squats, Leg extensions

    Thursday (Slight rest): Calves & abs - same as tuesday

    Friday: Back, Hamstrings & Biceps - Deadlifts, Underhand rows, Ham curls, Pullups, Barbell curls, Incline dumbell curls

    Generally 3 sets for each exercise apart from squats, calves and deadlifts which is 4. 15 reps for quads, 20 reps for calves, 20 reps for abs, the rest 8 reps

    This is what I use and I have seen good results. Its intense...

    Hams are with back and biceps, well you'll feel why
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    in your dreams
    awesome flex...been looking to change up my routine a little. ill def try this out!

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